Linen Office Storage Accessories Chocolate

$39 - $65   Final Sale $21.99 - $42.99  

Before too much information was available on a desktop, editors, designers, and other media lovers preserved their trove in purpose-built boxes. Our storage boxes bestow practicality and vintage office style with frames wrapped in linen.

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  • Magazine Box: 10"W x 5¾"D x 12¾"H
  • Media Box: 11½"W x 9½"D x 5¾"H
  • Small Document Box: 15½"W x 10½"D x 3¼"H
  • Large Document Box: 18½"W x 12½"D x 3¼"H
  • Small Hanging File Box: 13½"W x 7½"D x 11"H
  • Large Hanging File Box: 16½"W x 7½"D x 11"H


Linen Office Storage Accessories Chocolate

Linen Desktop File Box Chocolate

$55 - $65   Final Sale $35.99 - $42.99  

Linen Document Box Chocolate

$49 - $55   Final Sale $31.99 - $35.99