Trajan's Column Etchings

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Trained as an architect, 18th-century artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi created etchings of ancient Roman landmarks, often as they might have appeared before time and the elements turned them into ruins. His views of Trajan's Column are masterful, rendering in fine detail the spiral frieze that chronicles the Emperor's military victories against the Dacians. Faithful to the original engravings, our reproductions are oversized, befitting their monumental subject.

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  • Small: 20½"W x 72"H
  • Large: 27"W x 97"H
Trajan's Column Etchings

Trajan's Column Etching 1

$795 - $1295

Trajan's Column Etching 2

$795 - $1295   $795 - $969 Select Items On Special
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