Salvaged Boat Wood Mirrors

$625 - $1025   Special $559 - $819

Salvaged from antique fishing boats, the wood planks that frame our mirrors earned their one-of-a-kind character on the waves of the South China Sea. Finished only with a light sanding, the wood features naturally high-contrast grain along with random bolts and joinery that remain from the boats' construction.

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  • 53½" sq. x 2"D; 108 lbs.
  • 53¼"W x 96½"H x 2"D; 185 lbs.
Salvaged Boat Wood Mirrors

Salvaged Boat Wood Mirror Square - 53½" sq. x 2"D

$625   Special $559

Salvaged Boat Wood Leaner Mirror

$1025   Special $819
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