meet our artisans

Theo Eichholtz



Early in life, after finishing his formal education, Theo Eichholtz traveled the globe - throughout Europe, Asia and the United States - before embarking on a career. It was during these travels that he discovered his passion for the world of interior design and home furnishings. Theo the collector and entrepreneur was born.

Based in Amsterdam, Theo's company, Eichholtz B.V., sources fine home furnishings from around the world. A perfectionist about quality and meticulous about the details, Theo knows that producing the best requires patience and time. In his vernacular, there is no such thing as "a rush job." His eye is drawn to unique items that can be repurposed, items with a history and a story to tell. Items that are not only spectacular to look at but supremely functional.

Geoffrey Hawkes

Antique Reproductionist/Entrepreneur


Geoff Hawkes has built a career out of being a successful entrepreneur. Born in southern England and based in London his adult life, he has parlayed his business management acumen and an appreciation of the fine arts into the world of home furnishings.

In early 2000, his interest in European and English antiques led him to establish a manufacturing base in Vietnam. Like a musical "conductor" leading a symphony, Geoff brought master English artisans to Vietnam to help him realize his dream of manufacturing high quality European furniture reproductions. Today, he specializes in crafting 17th and 18th century reproductions of English, French and Italian antiques.

Haluk Eke

Textile entrepreneur


Drawing inspiration from the ancient Turkish city of Hierapolis, the textile capital of antiquity, Haluk Eke has been driven since boyhood to produce the modern world's finest towels.

Not content to spin cotton the old fashioned way, he created a company built on a solid R&D foundation. Known as the leading innovator in the industry, he employs a team of expert engineers whose sole purpose is to produce the softest, most absorbent and durable towels from the finest raw materials.

Luay Al-Rawi


The Netherlands

The lure of the Far East has been omnipresent in Luay Al-Rawi's life. As a young man of 17, he began his career as an importer of Eastern novelties, trading in such items as tai chi shoes and arts & crafts. Through his travels to India and China, he expanded his scope and trained his eye on larger found objects, including unique sculptures and building materials from old Indian homes. Sensing a strong business opportunity, Luay began importing doors, windows and flooring to Holland. His burgeoning trade flourished as he developed relationships with interior decorators and designers.

An attraction to antique Chinese cabinets approximately 15 years ago was the trigger that led Luay to open his first factory in China. In 1995 his company became the first wholly-owned foreign enterprise in China in the furniture business. Building from that early success, he evolved the business to create artisan-quality furniture reproductions based on European-inspired designs.

Mark Sage and Rudi Nijssen

Antique Collectors/Innovators


Take a boy from Nebraska and a young man from the Netherlands. Fast forward 30 years to Belgium, and you have the unexpected story of BoBo Intriguing Objects, the company Mark Sage and Rudi Nijssen founded five years ago. Short for "bourgeois bohemian," their company's distinctive home and garden furnishings meld the traditional and the modern, the luxurious and the earthy.

Michael Vermillion

Furniture Maker/Craftsman

San Francisco

Michael Vermillion's philosophy about furniture making is a simple one: Make products that are honest. Finely crafted. Timeless in their design. And all about quality. This master craftsman's oft-quoted mantra is "Substance is everything." He believes that a product should speak to the customer when they walk into a store. Its quality should be immediately obvious to the eye - the beauty of the wood, the well-crafted details, its structural integrity.

Timothy Oulton

Antique Dealer/Reproductionist


London antiques dealer and furniture reproductionist Timothy Oulton is driven by a passion for traditional handcraftsmanship. Born in Manchester and immersed in his father's antique business since childhood, he inherited Major Philip Oulton's eye for beauty and his intrinsic ability to see artistic value and perfection in a product's design.

Philip's passion for antique furniture led him to open Halo Antiques in 1976. In turn, his sons were inspired to develop a furniture collection that encompassed the skills and talents of true artisans. Tim and his brother, Charles, branched off on their own, and The Halo Group was born.

Carlo Bertelli and Giulia Cavallaro



Carlo Bertelli and Giulia Cavallaro represent two generations of the founding families of Tessitura Toscana Telerie, a renowned Italian linen-maker based in Florence. The company was created in 1947, just after the end of World War II.

Two young friends, Vinicio Tarli and Fano Puliti - one an accountant and economist, the other an expert in home textiles - shook hands and formed a partnership in 1947 to create fine Italian linens, with only a few lira in their pockets. They bought old looms and restored them, assembled them in a small hanger, and equipped them with innovative technologies to weave table linens. After achieving success, the company expanded production into bed linens in 1958, receiving accolades for the quality and beauty of their products.

Ann Sutherland



As a successful interior designer, Ann Sutherland couldn't find outdoor fabrics with the designs, colors or textures that were appropriate for her high-end residential clients. Seeing an opportunity in the marketplace, she launched Perennials® Outdoor Fabrics to bring together great design, quality and premier performance. Today, 14 years later, Perennials are the preferred choice of leading design professionals worldwide for their extraordinary quality, beauty and durability. The exclusive designs for Restoration Hardware, woven of the company's trademarked 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers, beautifully blend high performance with the soft, natural hand of premium indoor upholstery. Manufactured for exceptional longevity, they resist mildew and stay colorfast even after years of exposure to the sun. While Ann has achieved an unparalleled level of excellence in high performance textiles, she's never lost sight of her ultimate goal. As she states, "I'm pleased that I have helped create something that allows people to enjoy nature."

Chiara Mascioni



Groundbreaking technologies, a discriminating eye for beauty, innovative manufacturing, the creativity and resourcefulness of the traditional craftsman, and an unwavering commitment to quality and service: These traits have made Italy's Mascioni one of the world's leading textile makers – and one of Restoration Hardware's premier vendors of printed bedding.

Driven by a passion for fine fabrics and finishing, brothers Bernardo and Umberto Mascioni founded their company in the late 1950s. Sisters Giuditta and Rosa soon joined them. After mastering the art and craft of producing silk scarves and cotton handkerchiefs, the siblings branched into textile printing, developing new technologies that allowed more refined techniques. Their superb work caught the eye of high-fashion houses the world over, and demand for Mascioni prints grew. Today, the second generation, Chiara, continues Mascioni's artisan tradition of attention to detail, masterful skill and creativity in both design and technology.

Glenn Appel and Peter Cilio



The artisans of Campania® International are historians and innovators, charged with capturing the beauty of the past and ensuring that it will endure into the future.

Guided by CEO Glenn Appel and Creative Director Peter Cilio (whose father, Peter Sr., also held the post), a team of sculptors, mold-makers and expert finishers creates cast stone garden accessories with the grace and gravitas of estate antiques.

But beyond their aesthetic charms, these urns and fountains, ornaments and planters are also extraordinary feats of engineering, designed to spend season after season in the garden, resisting frost and acquiring character over time.

And that makes them anything but "garden variety."

Nikolay Kenov



A true entrepreneur, Nikolay Kenov saw opportunity in the fall of the iron curtain. He began buying used cars in Belgium, repairing them himself, and selling them in Eastern Europe.

Along the way, he simultaneously fell in love with metalworking and with Flanders – with the mix of German, English and even Roman influences, the rich tradition of textile manufacturing and the warmth and authenticity of the people.

Now, as owner of a small workshop in Bulgaria, he strives to capture the flavor of Flanders in metal, wood and glass. Inspired by the natural hues and textures of Belgian textiles and the patina and pathos of industrial antiques, he designs objects that lend a sense of history to the home and garden.

Each handcrafted planter, lantern, ornament and hurricane is beautifully imperfect, utterly unique, just as it would have been a century ago. Nikolay and his artisans have developed proprietary finishes that give these objects the perfectly aged character of estate pieces – character that will only deepen with time in your garden.