Vintage Leather Sports Ball Collection

$79    Final Sale $39.99 - $55

Crafted from burnished leather that's cut, tanned, distressed and stitched by hand, our leather sports balls have the rugged vintage appeal of early 20th century sporting gear.

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  • Training Ball: 8" diam., 7½"L handle
  • Basketball: 10¼" diam.
  • Football: 11"L x 8¼"H
Vintage Leather Sports Ball Collection

Vintage Leather Training Ball - 8" diam., 7½"L handle

$79   Final Sale $39.99

Vintage Leather Football - 11"L x 8¼"H

- No Longer Available -

Vintage Leather Basketball - 10¼" diam.

$79   Final Sale $55
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